• ElisabethBarron

What's In Store For Us

Both of us have quite a bit exciting things going on in our personal lives, but that won't keep us from moving forward with our story and seeing what we can create. What's in store for the rest of 2020? Stick around and find out, but here's a good outline!


1. Open the beta version of the Sim for testing purposes.

2. Finish up the current story about Tri Lat.


1. Put together the story about Tri Lat for publishing.

2. Figure out a title for the story about Tri Lat.


1. Pursue publishing the story about Tri Lat.

2. Test the Sim Logic/Operation.

3. Write the episodic radio/zoom series based around Sherlock for recording.

4. Prep for the Tri Lat Prequel story.

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