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Tips On Co-Authoring

Trust One Another

Sharing the intimacy of your creative imagination isn't easy for everyone. It's inviting another person into your mind, allowing them to pick apart your ideas and sharing equally in the creation of something many choose to do alone. Therefore, trusting one another is crucial to navigating the path you've both set down together.

Challenge & Inspire Each Other

This is one of the most rewarding aspects of writing with another creative mind. Don't be afraid to tell the person you're co-authoring with that you think they can do better. Once trust and communication are in place, this can turn okay writing into something amazing. In turn, compliment your partner. If they've written something that blows your mind, tell them! They enjoy your words so much, they've chosen you to team up with. There's nothing more inspiring than praise from someone you admire.

Brainstorm Together

You never know when that random shower-thought might turn into an idea that sparks an entire storyline, changes a plot, or adds a brand new character to your work. We've spent countless hours just talking about our stories, feeding off one another's ideas, and getting excited about whatever new concept we might conjure up. Not every idea will be used but picking and choosing what works best is part of the journey.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Each writer has their own strengths and weaknesses and writing a novel can bring these even further to the surface. One of you might be better at painting a physical description of a scene where the other can delve into emotions and create a moment through nothing but dialogue. While things may go more quickly if you just choose what's easiest for you, it won't help either of you progress as writers. Find a balance that you both grow but still highlights your skills.

Have Fun

If it's not fun, it's not worth it. We've let many stories go because they were no longer something we looked forward to writing. Sometimes a character just doesn't work out once you get into the meat of an idea, or you've both written yourselves into a corner that's not worth working to get out of. And that's completely fine! Pick up and move on to something else that motivates you both.

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