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A street smart addict and telepathic twin walk into a bar...

There are those rare occasions in life when the universe aligns to segue the path of one life with another. Sometimes you simply step around them and continue on your own journey, or a whole new road opens for you to walk together. Ok, so...I admit our meeting was not that poetic. It was simply two people who stumbled upon one another in a virtual world called Second Life and gravitated to the way the other could bring a character to life.

Second Life can be used for many things, but for us, it was paragraph roleplay* that brought us together. At the time, our characters hit it off and we both began running into one another in other creative spaces within the game. An urban setting brought us closer, but it wasn't until we both tried our hand at Game of Thrones that our creative bond really formed. There's just something about having gills cut into your character and drowned in a bucket that makes fast friends!

Since then we've been nearly inseparable when it comes to writing. Life gets in the way at times, but we've always found our way back to the computer with a simple "We need to write." Our style has changed, we've evolved and learned to be better writers together. And we're excited to be taking this next step in turning a hobby into something more. We're excited to take this next step in getting our stories out to the world and can't wait to see what another ten years will bring.

*If you're not familiar with what Paragraph Roleplay is, Deviant Art has a great article on it and we'll be going more in-depth in future blog posts.

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